Saudi military continues occupation of Bahrain, protests continue in Eastern Saudi Arabia.

04/13/11 PressTV Saudi anti-government protesters have once again taken to the streets east of the country, condemning the kingdom’s military intervention in Bahrain. Expressing solidarity with anti-government protesters in Bahrain, demonstrators in the city of Qatif called for the immediate withdrawal of Saudi troops from the neighboring country. Saudi Arabia deployed 1,000 troops to Bahrain … Continue reading

Last night NBC's Tom Brokaw said on the nightly news “I was told on the way in here that the Saudis are so unhappy with the Obama administration for the way it pushed out President Mubarak of Egypt that it sent high level emissaries to China and Russia to tell those two countries that Saudi Arabia now is prepared to do more business with them(Guess the bow at the G20 wasn't enough Mr. Obama).” I wonder if this is why Defense Secretary Gates got to Saudi Arabia 2 days ago? I think the U.S. and Britain just got busted trying to oust the House of Saud for the last time. If the BRIC nations just gained the Saudi's oil the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan were for nothing(I'm sure Brzezinski is freakin right the heck out right now). India would much rather receive their oil from the Saudi's rather than the U.S. oil interests' plan of sending it through the TAPI pipeline from the Persian Gulf. The current American administration and the British would not lose Saudi oil without war or ousting the regime. That's a fact.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 By Susan Jones ( – Reporting from Baghdad, Iraq yesterday, NBC’s Tom Brokaw said the Saudi Arabian monarchy is “so unhappy with the Obama administration for the way it pushed out President Mubarak of Egypt” that it has sent senior officials to the Peoples’ Republic of China and Russia to seek expanded business … Continue reading

Israel deploys new anti-rocket defense system. The system, developed by Israel's Rafael Advanced Defence Systems with the help of US funding, is designed to intercept rockets and artillery shells fired from a range of between four and 70 kilometres (three and 45 miles).

By Yoav Lemmer (AFP) – 5 hours ago BEERSHEVA, Israel — Israel on Sunday stationed the first batteries of its “Iron Dome” short-range missile defence system in the south of the country, but stressed the initial deployment was experimental. The unique multi-million dollar system was stationed outside the southern city of Beersheva, days after it … Continue reading

Bahrain declares martial law with arrival of thousands of Saudi troops on Tuesday

By Lin Noueihed and Frederik Richter 03/15/11 MANAMA (Reuters) – Bahrain declared martial law on Tuesday, looking to end weeks of protests by the island’s Shi’ite Muslim majority, with Saudi troops on hand in the Sunni-ruled kingdom to help quell the unrest. The three-month state of emergency will hand considerable powers to Bahrain’s security forces, … Continue reading

Thousands of Saudi troops cross into Bahrain after weekend of violence

Global Research, March 15, 2011 Irish Times BAHRAIN – There was a defiant mood last night among Bahrain’s pro-democracy protesters who said they viewed the unprecedented intervention of between 2,000 and 6,000 Saudi-led troops as “an illegal occupation”. Numbers at the protest encampment at Pearl Square in the capital, Manama, swelled well beyond the usual 50,000 … Continue reading

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on Muslims to "remove" the US from the Islamic world on Sunday .

02/20/2011 -Sapa-AFP “The main problem in the Muslim world is the presence of the United States. It is the biggest problem. We need to address that,” he told a gathering of Shiite and Sunni scholars in Tehran for an international conference on Islam. “It is necessary to remove the US from the Islamic world,” the … Continue reading

Iran deploys two warships to Mediterranean via the Suez Canal, Israel calls move 'provocation'

RIA Novosti TEL AVIV, February 16 (RIA Novosti) – Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Wednesday called the fact of two Iranian warships heading to the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal a “provocation.” In a speech before the leaders U.S. Jewish organizations in Jerusalem, Lieberman said that the two Iranian warships would pass through … Continue reading

Clashes Reported In Libya, As Protests Continue In Bahrain, Yemen

02.16.2011 By RFE/RL Clashes were reported today between protesters and police in Benghazi, Libya’s second-largest city. Witnesses and local media said a crowd angry at the arrest of a rights campaigner clashed with police and government supporters. The city is reported calm now, but the reports said several hundred protesters armed with stones and petrol … Continue reading

Palestinian Cabinet Resigns Amid Calls for Political Reform in West Bank – Was the Muslim Brotherhood behind this too?

Meredith Buel | Ramallah, West Bank February 14, 2011 The Palestinian Cabinet submitted its resignation Monday to President Mahmoud Abbas, as Palestinian authorities in the West Bank face the same pressure for political reform being felt in other parts of the Arab world. Bustling Al Manara Square is the political and commercial center for the … Continue reading

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Israeli military "is ready for all eventualities" after recent unrest in the Middle East

14 February 2011     AFP – The Israeli military is “ready for all eventualities” as the Arab and Muslim world undergoes “an earthquake,” Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday just days after Egypt’s regime collapsed. “An earthquake is shaking the whole Arab world and a large part of the Muslim world and … Continue reading

After Mubarak's resignation, Muslim Brotherhood pushes for civilian led leadership instead of military control

Egypt’s vice president says Hosni Mubarak has handed power over to the high military council, despite millions-plus pro-democracy demonstrations. In a brief announcement, Omar Suleiman said on Friday that Mubarak had “abandoned the presidency,” handing over the power to the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces, which is headed by Defense Minister Gen. Mohammed … Continue reading

Fort Bragg trained Suleiman says Mubarak has stepped down and left the country in the hands of the Egyptian Army

02/11/11 CAIRO (AFP) — Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has stepped down and handed over power to the army, his deputy Omar Suleiman announced Friday in a televised address. Mubarak “has decided to leave the post of president of the republic and has tasked the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to manage the state’s affairs,” … Continue reading

Senior U.S. Marine says multiple platoons headed to Egypt

Nicholas Carlson | Feb. 5, 2011, 11:42 PM Business Insider  A senior member of the US Marine Corps is telling people “multiple platoons” are deploying to Egypt, a source tells us. There is a system within the US Marines that alerts the immediate families of high-ranking marines when their marine will soon be deployed to … Continue reading

Antigovernment Protests Spreading Across North Africa and Middle East

  by Barry Grey   As thousands continued to demonstrate in Tunisia over the weekend against the interim “national unity” government, antigovernment protests spread to Algeria, Yemen and Jordan.   State forces in Algeria and Yemen responded to the protests with deadly force. The Associated Press reported that more than a dozen people were killed … Continue reading

Book from Muslim Brotherhood leader reveals scope of of radical beliefs

Jerusalem Post By Oren Kessler 02/09/11   One of the greatest beneficiaries of the unrest in Egypt has been the Muslim Brotherhood. Banned but tolerated for decades by successive Egyptian regimes, the Islamist movement is now emerging as a central player in the country’s resurgent opposition. On Tuesday, two Brotherhood representatives participated in an opposition … Continue reading

The US is sending warships, including one with 800 troops, and other military assets to Egypt as the revolution in the North African country gains momentum

  USS Kearsarge warship . Officials in Washington have stated that the move is to be prepared in case of an evacuation of Americans from Egypt. Pentagon has dismissed widespread assumptions that military intervention in Cairo is being contemplated, asserting that the objective of the deployment is mainly for the evacuation of US citizens in … Continue reading

The Israeli army chief has urged Tel Aviv to make preparations for an all-out war over the recent developments across the Middle East

Tue Feb 8, 2011 3:1AM   Israel’s Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi has said that given the recent revolution protests across Middle East, Israel must prepare for a battle in several theaters, Ynetnews quoted him as saying on Monday. The outgoing military chief also said, “The connection between the different players requires us … Continue reading

Head of the Iranian Armed Forces Headquarters, Major-General Hassan Firouzabadi, said on Monday that the Iranian Navy is in full control of the passage of foreign vessels to the Persian Gulf.

IRNA – Islamic Republic News Agency Tehran, Jan 31, IRNA — Head of the Armed Forces Headquarters, Major-General Hassan Firouzabadi, said on Monday that the Iranian Navy is in full control of the passage of foreign vessels to the Persian Gulf. ‘Iranian navy warships are stationed in the Persian Gulf waters and they permit the … Continue reading

With Muslim Brotherhood Set to Join Egypt Protests, Religion’s Role May Grow

By SOUAD MEKHENNET and NICHOLAS KULISH Published: January 27, 2011   ALEXANDRIA, Egypt — Demonstrators in Egypt have protested against rising prices and stagnant incomes, for greater freedom and against police brutality. But religion, so often a powerful mobilizing force here, has so far played little role. That may be about to change. With organizers … Continue reading

Obama Team Eyes Saudi Nuclear Trade Deal Without Nonproliferation Terms

Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011By Elaine M. Grossman Global Security Newswire WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is taking initial steps to negotiate a civil nuclear trade pact with Saudi Arabia that could lack key nonproliferation provisions included in a similar 2009 deal with one of Riyadh’s Persian Gulf neighbors, according to U.S. officials and experts (see … Continue reading

Al-Jazeera receives Palestinian Papers from anonymous source. Links included with article.

Introducing The Palestine Papers 1,600 internal docs. from a decade of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. // // // // Global Research, January 25, 2011 Al Jazeera – 2011-01-23   Over the last several months, Al Jazeera has been given unhindered access to the largest-ever leak of confidential documents related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There are nearly 1,700 … Continue reading

Discussions on the Complexity of Diverse Sunni Islamic Interpretations: History and Islamic Argumentation al-Qaida Chooses to Neglect. Link to PDF article.

Next Israeli Arab War Could Begin in Beirut

By David Eshel Tel Aviv Israel’s next war could be fought on several fronts and result in far more destruction and casualties on all sides than recent conflicts. So said outgoing Israeli military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin in an address to the Knesset in November. Yadlin believes that despite an unprecedented period of calm for … Continue reading

Venezuela has acquired 1,800 Russian anti-aircraft missiles capable of taking down aircraft at 19,000 feet from a deal dating back to 2009 with Russia. A likely missile sales progression would be Russia to Venezuela to FARC to Mexican cartels to U.S. streets.

By Juan Forero Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, December 11, 2010 BOGOTA, COLOMBIA – Russia delivered at least 1,800 shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles to Venezuela in 2009, U.N. arms control data show, despite vigorous U.S. efforts to stop President Hugo Chavez’s stridently anti-American government from acquiring the weapons. The United States feared that the missiles could … Continue reading

The US-NATO March to War and the 21st Century "Great Game"

Part II   by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya   Part II The Conquest of Eurasia: The Multiple Fronts of the 21st Century “Great Game” The Caucasus, the Balkans, the Middle East, East Africa, Central Asia The following text is PART II of The “Great Game” and the Conquest of Eurasia. The first text gave an overview of the … Continue reading

Iran: Bushehr Nuclear Reactor Now Fully Loaded

Iran’s nuclear chief says the country’s first nuclear reactor is fully loaded and could be operational within months. Ali Akbar Salehi told state-run television Saturday workers had finished loading fuel rods into the core of the Bushehr nuclear plant, and that it could start generating electricity by February. Salehi said officials are just waiting for … Continue reading

Twin blasts kill top Iran nuclear scientist, Israel blamed

Blast ‘kills top Iran nuclear scientist,’ Israel blamed  By Hiedeh Farmani (AFP) – — Twin blasts in Iran’s capital killed a prominent nuclear scientist and wounded another on Monday, said state media reports that promptly accused Israeli agents on motorbikes of attaching the bombs to their cars. “In a criminal terrorist act, the agents of … Continue reading

U.S. to expand Saudi offensive strike capacity with the largest arms sale package ever approved by the U.S. government

Posted by Robert Haddick on October 21, 2010 5:42 PM | Permalink| Print | The Obama administration has presented to Congress a $60 billion arms sale package for Saudi Arabia’s armed forces. The package, the largest ever approved by the U.S. government, will among other features, greatly expand the offensive strike capacity of the Saudi … Continue reading

The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda. The CIA’s Drug-Running Terrorists and the “Arc of Crisis”

The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda. The CIA’s Drug-Running Terrorists and the “Arc of Crisis” Part I by Andrew Gavin Marshall     Global Research, September 5, 2010   Introduction As the 9th anniversary of 9/11 nears, and the war on terror continues to be waged and grows in ferocity and geography, it seems all the … Continue reading

Russia finishes pipeline sending their Siberian oil to China

Russia opens China pipeline for Siberian oil By Isabel Gorst in Moscow Published: August 29 2010 18:00 | Last updated: August 29 2010 18:00 Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, on Sunday opened a new pipeline to export east Siberian oil to China that will help Russia reorientate its oil trade towards the east. The … Continue reading

Asymmetrical Drone Wars

An Asymmetrical Drone War Geopolitical Monitor Paul Rogers – Aug 23, 2010 Summary The United States and Israel see the next generation of armed drones as a potent reinforcement of their military capacity against insurgents and rogue states. But Iran and Hizbollah too are in the race.   An upsurge in paramilitary violence highlights … Continue reading

From War Of Words To Talk Of War

by Rick Rozoff Relations between the U.S. and China have been steadily deteriorating since the beginning of the year when Washington confirmed the completion of a $6.4 billion arms deal with Taiwan and China suspended military-to-military ties with the U.S. in response. In January the Chinese Defense Ministry announced the cessation of military exchanges between … Continue reading

"Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity" -VIPS- Wrote Obama On Tuesday Warning Of A Likely Israeli Attack On Iran This Month

Obama Warned Israel May Bomb Iran Tuesday 03 August 2010 by: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity  |  Consortium News | Op-Ed MEMORANDUM FOR: The President FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) SUBJECT: War With Iran We write to alert you to the likelihood that Israel will attack Iran as early as this month. This would likely … Continue reading

Targeting Iran : Humanity At A Dangerous Crossroad

Humanity is at a dangerous crossroads. War preparations to attack Iran are in “an advanced state of readiness”. Hi tech weapons systems including nuclear warheads are fully deployed. This military adventure has been on the Pentagon’s drawing board since the mid-1990s. First Iraq, then Iran according to a declassified 1995 US Central Command document. Escalation … Continue reading

Russia Welcomes Iran's Willingness To Hold Talks On Fuel Exchange

  RIA Novosti 19:29 27/07/2010 MOSCOW, July 27 (RIA Novosti) – Moscow has welcomed Iran’s readiness to hold technical discussions on the supplying of 20%-enriched fuel for use in its Tehran scientific research reactor, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday. On Monday, Tehran submitted a letter to IAEA Director General Yukio … Continue reading

Wikileaks Releases Leaked Classified Diplomatic Cables From Operation Enduring Freedom …

Sunday, July 26 5pm EST. WikiLeaks today released over 75,000 reports covering the war in Afghanistan. The Afghan War Diaries an extraordinary secret compendium of over 91,000 reports covering the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010. The reports describe the majority of lethal military actions involving the United States military. They include the number … Continue reading

Another U.S. arms deal to Saudi Arabia, this one worth 30 billion…84 new Boeing Co. F-15 fighter jets, and 72 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters…

Global Research, July 23, 2010 Bloomberg – 2010-07-22     Global Research Editor’s Note Large scale weapons sales to America’s allies are in the pipeline. The $30 billion sale to Saudi Arabia must be viewed in the broader context. Large scale weapons sales to a number of US allies have recently been announced including Israel, India, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Georgia. … Continue reading

UN’s Big Five Facilitate Arms Transfers To Human Rights Violators

IPS – 2010-07-19 by Thalif Deen   UNITED NATIONS – The five permanent members of the Security Council – the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China – are accused of facilitating the transport of conventional weapons and cluster munitions to countries where they could be used to commit human rights violations and war crimes.The … Continue reading

Former CIA Officer Robert Baer Interview

march-april g20 meetings' final communique… -this is the global government so many of you have been hearing about-

 2 April 2009  London G-20 meetings, April 2009 -The Global Plan for Recovery and Reform-             1. We, the Leaders of the Group of Twenty, met in London on 2 April 2009.      2. We face the greatest challenge to the world economy in modern times; a crisis which has deepened since we last … Continue reading