BRIC Nations Speak Out Against Use of Force in Libya

Stephanie Ho | Beijing  April 14, 2011 The five BRICS nations have voiced their opposition to use of force in Libya, at a summit in the southern Chinese resort city, Sanya.   Meanwhile, leaders from the five large developing nations criticized the current dollar-dominated world monetary order and called for a broad-based international reserve currency system. … Continue reading

Last night NBC's Tom Brokaw said on the nightly news “I was told on the way in here that the Saudis are so unhappy with the Obama administration for the way it pushed out President Mubarak of Egypt that it sent high level emissaries to China and Russia to tell those two countries that Saudi Arabia now is prepared to do more business with them(Guess the bow at the G20 wasn't enough Mr. Obama).” I wonder if this is why Defense Secretary Gates got to Saudi Arabia 2 days ago? I think the U.S. and Britain just got busted trying to oust the House of Saud for the last time. If the BRIC nations just gained the Saudi's oil the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan were for nothing(I'm sure Brzezinski is freakin right the heck out right now). India would much rather receive their oil from the Saudi's rather than the U.S. oil interests' plan of sending it through the TAPI pipeline from the Persian Gulf. The current American administration and the British would not lose Saudi oil without war or ousting the regime. That's a fact.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 By Susan Jones ( – Reporting from Baghdad, Iraq yesterday, NBC’s Tom Brokaw said the Saudi Arabian monarchy is “so unhappy with the Obama administration for the way it pushed out President Mubarak of Egypt” that it has sent senior officials to the Peoples’ Republic of China and Russia to seek expanded business … Continue reading

Who provided Libya Russian made SA-24 anti-aircraft missiles?

by David A. Fulghum at 3/23/2011     A new, much-dreaded, short-range anti-aircraft missile made in Russia has turned up in the hands of Libyan government forces. The Russian-made SA-24 Grinch can shoot down coalition aircraft effectively at altitudes up to about 11,000 ft. That would not affect most combat patrols, which are being flown … Continue reading

U.S. military: Operation Odyssey Dawn has begun; French warplane downed; U.S. and U.K ships fire 122 plus cruise missiles from ships in the mediterranean. Russia Deplores Foreign Military Action In Libya; Articles can be found at link provided.

Operation Odyssey Dawn: U.S. Leads Onslaught Against Libya Libya: French Warplane Downed, Civilians Killed U.S. Fires Over 100 Cruise Missiles: West Bombs Civilian Targets, Oil Depots In Libya Venezuela Calls For End To Western Attack On Libya NATO’s First African War French Warplanes Begin Libyan War, Aircraft Carrier On Way U.S. Launches Cruise Missile Attacks … Continue reading

U.N. Security Council gets the votes, no fly zone has been ordered over Libya. U.N. Resolution 1970 is also to allow "all necessary measures" to be taken "to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack in (Libya), including Benghazi, while excluding an occupation force".

  Thu Mar 17, 2011   The United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution ordering a no-fly zone over Libya, while suspending the country from the Human Rights Council. Resolution 1970 authorizes a no-fly zone over Libya and to allow “all necessary measures” to be taken “to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under … Continue reading

The US Senate has unanimously passed a resolution calling for a no-fly zone over Libya as Washington is preparing the ground for military intervention in the oil-rich country.

Wed Mar 2, 2011 The symbolic resolution, passed on Tuesday, “urges the United Nations Security Council to take such further action as may be necessary to protect civilians in Libya from attack, including the possible imposition of a no-fly zone over Libyan territory.” It also calls on embattled Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi “to desist from … Continue reading

US Special Forces have reportedly landed in Libya to train anti-Gaddafi rebels as a western-backed coup d’état in the oil-rich nation nears, with British and French “defense advisors” also arriving to set up training bases in the rebel-controlled eastern region of the country.

US Special Forces have reportedly landed in Libya to train anti-Gaddafi rebels as a western-backed coup d’état in the oil-rich nation nears, with British and French “defense advisors” also arriving to set up training bases in the rebel-controlled eastern region of the country. According to a report in the Pakistan Observer, hundreds of special forces … Continue reading

World scrambles to get citizens out of Libya

By SUZAN FRASER and THANASSIS STAVRAKIS Associated Press IRAKLIO, Crete — Two ferries carrying 4,500 Chinese workers from strife-torn Libya arrived at the Mediterranean island of Crete on Thursday, despite rough seas that left hundreds of Americans stranded on a docked ferry in Tripoli. Passengers smiled and waved from the decks of the Greek-flagged Hellenic … Continue reading

Libyan warplanes bombing Tripoli: resident

  LONDON (Reuters) – Libyan warplanes were bombing indiscriminately across Tripoli on Monday, a resident of the Libyan capital told al Jazeera television in a live broadcast. “What we are witnessing today is unimaginable. Warplanes and helicopters are indiscriminately bombing one area after another. There are many, many dead,” Adel Mohamed Saleh said. Saleh, who … Continue reading

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on Muslims to "remove" the US from the Islamic world on Sunday .

02/20/2011 -Sapa-AFP “The main problem in the Muslim world is the presence of the United States. It is the biggest problem. We need to address that,” he told a gathering of Shiite and Sunni scholars in Tehran for an international conference on Islam. “It is necessary to remove the US from the Islamic world,” the … Continue reading

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Israeli military "is ready for all eventualities" after recent unrest in the Middle East

14 February 2011     AFP – The Israeli military is “ready for all eventualities” as the Arab and Muslim world undergoes “an earthquake,” Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday just days after Egypt’s regime collapsed. “An earthquake is shaking the whole Arab world and a large part of the Muslim world and … Continue reading

Algeria prepares for day of protests: the oil-rich, military-dominated north African state, braced itself for a day of pro-democracy protestson Saturday, despite a ban on demonstrations in the capital, Algiers, and a large security presence intent on containing any uprising inspired by Egypt or Tunisia

  Pro-democracy alliance expected to defy ban on demonstrations as euphoria from Egypt and Tunisia spills over to Algeria Riot police use their shields during a demonstration in Algiers last month. Photograph: AP Algeria, the oil-rich, military-dominated north African state, braced itself for a day of pro-democracy protestson Saturday, despite a ban on demonstrations in … Continue reading

After Mubarak's resignation, Muslim Brotherhood pushes for civilian led leadership instead of military control

Egypt’s vice president says Hosni Mubarak has handed power over to the high military council, despite millions-plus pro-democracy demonstrations. In a brief announcement, Omar Suleiman said on Friday that Mubarak had “abandoned the presidency,” handing over the power to the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces, which is headed by Defense Minister Gen. Mohammed … Continue reading

Fort Bragg trained Suleiman says Mubarak has stepped down and left the country in the hands of the Egyptian Army

02/11/11 CAIRO (AFP) — Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has stepped down and handed over power to the army, his deputy Omar Suleiman announced Friday in a televised address. Mubarak “has decided to leave the post of president of the republic and has tasked the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to manage the state’s affairs,” … Continue reading

Georgian intelligence service head advances skills in United States

Georgia,Tbilisi Feb.2 Trend N. Kirtskhalia / Georgian intelligence service head Gela Bezhuashvili has temporarily left his post, Georgian Presidential Spokesperson Manana Manjgaladze said at a briefing. According to her, in six months, Bezhuashvili will return from the United States and again hold his post. “Bezhuashvili left for the United States to advance his skills, which … Continue reading

Senior U.S. Marine says multiple platoons headed to Egypt

Nicholas Carlson | Feb. 5, 2011, 11:42 PM Business Insider  A senior member of the US Marine Corps is telling people “multiple platoons” are deploying to Egypt, a source tells us. There is a system within the US Marines that alerts the immediate families of high-ranking marines when their marine will soon be deployed to … Continue reading

Russia Ousted from Uzbek Economy

19.08.2010 Vladislav GULEVICH (Ukraine) The region of Central Asia is an epicenter of global interests. Competition between the U.S., Russia, the EU, China, India, Iran directly impacts the regional economy, and Uzbekistan is one of the main routes for financial inflows into Central Asia. Uzbekistan is ranked between more economically well-off Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and … Continue reading

Russian President Medvedev: more nuclear missiles deployed around Europe if no deal with NATO

RIA Novosti 19:15 24/01/2011 GORKI, January 24 (RIA Novosti) – Russia is expecting a reply from NATO to its proposals on building a European missile defense system, and will have to deploy a nuclear missile grouping if no agreement is reached, President Dmitry Medvedev said Monday. “Our partners should realize that we need this not … Continue reading

Ria Novosti: Russian missiles must penetrate any defenses — parliament

Moscow: Russia must quickly modernize its nuclear deterrent focusing on the deployment of ballistic missiles capable of penetrating the most sophisticated missile defenses, a draft supplementary statement to the new START treaty ratification document says. The lower house of the Russian parliament, the State Duma, posted on its official website on Friday the texts of … Continue reading

Russia To Increase Gold Holdings By 13% In 2011, Will Buy 100 Tonnes Of Gold Each Year

The WSJ reports that The Central Bank of Russia, which seems to have missed Doug Kass’ Friday Fast Money appearance, plans to buy 100 metric tons of gold from domestic banks a year in order to replenish the country’s gold reserves, Deputy Head of the bank Georgy Luntovsky said Monday, according to the bank’s press … Continue reading

At least 35 dead and more than 150 wounded in suicide bomber attack at Russia's largest airport

  By Alexei Anishchuk MOSCOW | Mon Jan 24, 2011 4:23pm EST MOSCOW (Reuters) – A suicide bomber killed at least 35 people at Russia‘s busiest airport on Monday, state TV said, in an attack on the capital that bore the hallmarks of militants fighting for an Islamist state in the North Caucasus region. President … Continue reading

Cold War issues still part of U.S.-Russia discussions

By Walter Pincus Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, January 17, 2011; 10:56 PM   “There are some Cold War issues that continue to return to the front of the agenda, and missile defenses, and how we interact on missile defenses, is, I would say, at the top of the list.” That was Rose Gottemoeller, the … Continue reading

Washington To Rearm Georgia For New Conflicts

“Preparing for War with Russia? Washington To Rearm Georgia For New Conflicts” by Rick Rozoff Global Research, January 15, 2011 Stop NATO Recent reports in the Russian news media have detailed plans by the U.S. to provide the Mikheil Saakashvili government in Georgia with tens of millions of dollars worth of anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons. … Continue reading

"U.S. Reopening Highways to Mexican Trucks Through Pilot Program" – China is making us do this. They control Mexico's 3 largest ports and the Panama Canal. This isn't the time for more unregulated border crossing after Venezuelas purchase of 1,800 plus heat seeking shoulder fired missiles/MANPADS from Russia this past year… are capable of taking out airliners out to 19,000 feet. These will be in the U.S. very soon if they aren't already. Believe it if you want but those MANPADS are priority one for those who protect us every day.

By Angela Greiling Keane and Thomas Black – Jan 6, 2011 Bloomberg The U.S. proposed opening its highways to Mexican trucks under a second test program that would require Mexican drivers to be proficient in the English language and U.S. traffic laws. The two countries may reach an agreement to allow cross- border trucking within … Continue reading

Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout tells RIA Novosti of life in American jail since his extradition from Thailand

RIA Novosti 04:32 03/01/2011 NEW YORK, January 3 (RIA Novosti) – Suspected Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, extradited from Thailand to the United States in mid-November, has given an interview to RIA Novosti. Former Russian armed forces officer Bout was arrested in Thailand in March 2008 during a sting operation led by U.S. agents and … Continue reading

NATO Trains Afghan Army To Guard Asian Pipeline

by Rick Rozoff Global Research, December 29, 2010 On December 11 the presidents of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkmenistan and the energy minister of India met in the Turkmen capital of Ashgabat to bring to fruition fifteen years of planning by interests in the United States to bring natural gas from the Caspian Sea to the … Continue reading

The Guardian publishes excerpts from a Council of Europe report, claiming that Kosovo's PM Thaci and his "Kosovo Liberation Army" are a "mafia-like" organization involved in narcotics, arms trafficking, and the human organ trade.

by Nebojsa Malic Global Research, December 27, 2010 Hashim Thaci had exactly one day to bask in the glory of winning an election so shamelessly stolen, it would have made Hamid Karzai blush. On Monday came the news that Richard Holbrooke, that embodiment of Imperial “diplomacy” in the Balkans over the past two decades, passed … Continue reading

Senate Approved Start Treaty on Wednesday.

By Mary Beth Sheridan and William Branigin Washington Post Staff Writers Wednesday, December 22, 2010 The U.S. Senate on Wednesday approved a new nuclear arms-reduction treaty with Russia, the broadest such pact between the former Cold War foes in nearly two decades. The Senate ratified the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, known as New START, … Continue reading

NNSA removes final shipment of Highly Enriched Uranium from Serbia

  Thu, 2010-12-23 09:07 AM By: Mark Rockwell Vinca Institute for Nuclear Sciences With the removal of 28 pounds of highly enriched Uranium from a Serbian research facility, American and Serbian officials said the country is now free of the dangerous material that could be used to make illicit nuclear explosives. The National Nuclear Security … Continue reading

U.N. Confirms Northern Air Raids on South Sudan

  By REUTERS Published: December 13, 2010     KHARTOUM (Reuters) – The United Nations said on Monday that forces from Sudan’s north bombed the south this month, the first independent confirmation of attacks which have raised tension before a referendum on southern secession. Most analysts expect southerners to vote for independence in the referendum … Continue reading

China: Diplomat Sent to North Korea to Cool Tensions

ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: December 14, 2010 BEIJING (AP) — China’s Foreign Ministry said Tuesday a recent visit to North Korea by the country’s top diplomat marks a significant effort by Beijing to tamp down regional tensions, in an apparent attempt to show it is responding to international calls to rein in its long-standing ally. During … Continue reading

According to the New York Times, the Japanese government will soon release new defense policy guidelines that will redirect its military’s primary attention away from the Russian threat from the north and toward the Chinese threat from the South

Robert Haddick on December 14, 2010   According to the New York Times, the Japanese government will soon release new defense policy guidelines that will redirect its military’s primary attention away from the Russian threat from the north and toward the Chinese threat from the south. The new defense guidelines will also direct Japan’s military … Continue reading

Missile Watch Issue #3 from Federation of American Scientists- Great Reads on Extradition of Victor Bout, Venezuela Largest Importer of MANPADS in 2009, Massive Missile Cache Found in the Sinai, Egypt.

A Wikileaks document briefly posted by The Guardian Monday appears to give an official number for the U.S. nuclear weapons deployed in Europe: 180

By Hans M. Kristensen A Wikileaks document briefly posted by The Guardian Monday appears to give an official number for the U.S. nuclear weapons deployed in Europe: 180. The number appears in a leaked cable written by U.S. NATO Ambassador Ivo Dalder in September 2009, describing an earlier Nuclear Posture Review briefing U.S. Principal Deputy … Continue reading

The US-NATO March to War and the 21st Century "Great Game"

Part II   by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya   Part II The Conquest of Eurasia: The Multiple Fronts of the 21st Century “Great Game” The Caucasus, the Balkans, the Middle East, East Africa, Central Asia The following text is PART II of The “Great Game” and the Conquest of Eurasia. The first text gave an overview of the … Continue reading

South Korea Begins Naval Firing Drills On Monday Amid Tensions

By MARK McDONALD Published: December 5, 2010 SEOUL, South Korea — Brushing aside North Korean warnings of war, South Korea began live-fire artillery drills near their disputed maritime border on Monday, less than two weeks after the North’s surprise shelling of a South Korea-held island sharply escalated tensions between them. It was not immediately clear … Continue reading

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen Making Unplanned Trip To South Korea After Drills Resume Around Korean Peninsula

From Barbara Starr, CNN Washington (CNN) — Adm. Mike Mullen. the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, plans to depart Washington Monday night to go to South Korea in a hastily planned visit, according to Pentagon officials. The goal is to reassure the South Korean military of U.S. support, American officials said. “He is … Continue reading

Russian spy found posing as aide to British Parliamentarian on defense select committee

Report: Russian ‘Spy’ Found In British Parliament Last updated (GMT/UTC): 05.12.2010 10:20 A Russian woman working as an aide to a British parliamentarian is facing deportation after security services arrested her on suspicion of espionage. The woman — identified as 25-year-old Katia Zatuliveter — reportedly works for Mike Hancock, a Liberal Democratic member of the … Continue reading

IAEA sets up nuclear fuel reserve bank

UN nuclear watchdog sets up nuclear fuel reserve bank RIA Novosti 04:24 04/12/2010 MOSCOW, December 4 (RIA Novosti) – The Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Organization (IAEA) resolved to create an international bank of low-enriched uranium (LEU) to assist developing countries who run civilian nuclear programs, Xinhua said on Saturday. “The plan … Continue reading

U.S. and Japan Launch Largest Joint War Games

Agence France-Presse – 2010-12-02 TOKYO — Japan and the United States launched their biggest ever joint military exercise Friday amid tensions on the Korean peninsula, the Japanese defence ministry said.   The “Keen Sword” drills, which mark the 50th anniversary of the Japanese-US alliance, will continue until December 10, officials said.   The drill was … Continue reading

Iran: Bushehr Nuclear Reactor Now Fully Loaded

Iran’s nuclear chief says the country’s first nuclear reactor is fully loaded and could be operational within months. Ali Akbar Salehi told state-run television Saturday workers had finished loading fuel rods into the core of the Bushehr nuclear plant, and that it could start generating electricity by February. Salehi said officials are just waiting for … Continue reading

China on Sunday proposes emergency meeting amid Korean tensions

By DAVID GUTTENFELDER and JEAN H. LEE, Associated Press David Guttenfelder And Jean H. Lee, Associated Press – YEONPYEONG ISLAND, South Korea – China tried Sunday to defuse tension over a recent North Korean attack on South Korea by proposing an emergency meeting in Beijing, hours after the U.S. and South Korea launched naval war … Continue reading

Japan on high alert amid war games

PressTV Sun Nov 28, 2010 The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington will take part in the four-day joint US-South Korea exercise in the Yellow Sea. Japan is increasing its vigilance amid a joint military drill by the United States and South Korea in the Yellow Sea a week after an alleged North Korean attack … Continue reading

North Korea Recalls Expats, Readies For War

A mass exodus of North Korean workers from the Far East of Russia is under way, according to reports coming out of the region. As the two Koreas edged towards the brink of war this week, it appears that the workers in Russia have been called back to aid potential military operations.   Vladnews agency, … Continue reading

North Korea places surface to air missiles on launch pads in Yellow Sea as the United States and South Korean militaries begin "drills"

  By Kim Do-gyun and Jo Yong-hak YEONPYEONG, South Korea | Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:47am EST YEONPYEONG, South Korea (Reuters) – North Korea has placed surface-to-surface missiles on launch pads in the Yellow Sea, Yonhap news agency said, as the United States and South Korea began military drills and China called for emergency talks. … Continue reading

South Korea Names New Defense Minister After Resignation

VOA News 26 November 2010 South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has named a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as his new defense minister. Officials say retired general Kim Kwan-jin replaces Kim Tae-young, who resigned Thursday, following criticism of a slow response to Tuesday’s deadly North Korean artillery attack. Also on Friday, the … Continue reading

China and Russia have renounced the American Dollar as an acceptable form of payment in bilateral trade agreements

Premier Wen Jiabao shakes hands with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on a visit to St. Petersburg on Tuesday.ALEXEY DRUZHININ / AFP China, Russia quit dollar By Su Qiang and Li Xiaokun (China Daily) St. Petersburg, Russia – China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies … Continue reading

Russia to start work on nuclear space engine next year

RIA Novosti 15:33 23/11/2010 KOROLYOV (Moscow region), November 23 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s Energia space corporation said on Tuesday it is planning to start working on standardized space modules with nuclear-powered propulsion systems next year. Energia director Vitaly Lopota said the first launches with a capacity of 150 to 500 KW could be made some … Continue reading

Nationalism is dead: EU President Van Rompuy says the belief that countries can stand alone is a 'lie and an illusion' in speech at G20 in Seoul

By Daniel Martin 11th November 2010 The age of the nation state is over and the idea that countries can stand alone is an ‘illusion’ and a ‘lie’, the EU president believes. In one of the most open proclamations of the goal of a European superstate since the heyday of Jacques Delors, Herman Van Rompuy … Continue reading

Mullen Makes Military’s Case for START Ratification

By Jim Garamone American Forces Press Service PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 12, 2010 – The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff today delivered the military argument for Senate ratification of the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and talked about the future of deterrence. Speaking at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, Navy Adm. Mike Mullen said … Continue reading