Iranian Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali Saturday accused the German electronics giant Siemens with helping U.S. and Israeli teams craft the Stuxnet worm that is responsible for the attack on his country's nuclear facilities.

April 18, 2011 by Gregg Keiser – An Iranian military commander Saturday accused the German electronics giant Siemens with helping U.S. and Israeli teams craft the Stuxnet worm that attacked his country’s nuclear facilities. According to the Islamic Republic News Service (IRNA), Iran’s state news agency, Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali laid some of the … Continue reading

DARPA's Hologram Goggles To Revolutionize Ground Warfare With Immediate Air Support Capability.

The Pentagon’s mad-science arm wants robotic death-from-above, on demand. And the key to getting it done just might be holograms. Let me explain. Right now, authorizing and targeting air strikes is a process that’s sometimes bureaucratic, and sometimes dangerous as hell. Bureaucratic as in the Stanley McChrystal phase of the Afghanistan war, when it took … Continue reading

TEPCO installs steel wall, fence to stem ocean contamination

TOKYO, April 9 (Xinhua) — The operator of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in Japan began on Saturday to build a steel wall and fence, in an attempt to prevent more contaminated water from flowing into the Pacific Ocean. Tokyo Electric Power Co.(TEPCO) plans to plug a seawater intake connected to the … Continue reading

Highly radioactive water is uncontrollably leaking into ocean from crack in Fukushima reactor 2.

By David Nakamura, Washington Post  Sunday, April 3, 3:10 AM TOKYO — Authorities discovered highly radioactive water leaking from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant into the ocean Saturday, the latest sign that the desperate strategies being used to cool the overheating reactors could be creating new problems. The toxic water had pooled by an almost eight-inch-long … Continue reading

Fukushima nuclear plant to be entombed in concrete as Japan admits it has lost battle with crippled reactors. U.S. sends specialist Marine unit to assist in decontamination.

By Richard Shears  31st March 2011 Up to 1,000 bodies of victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami have not been collected because of fears of high levels of radiation. Police sources said bodies within the 12-mile evacuation zone around the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant had been ‘exposed to high levels of radiation after … Continue reading

Japan's nuclear safety agency said on Sunday that radioactive iodine in the waters off the quake-hit site rose to 1,850 times the usual level from 1,250 times measured on Saturday.

Radioactivity near Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant has risen to 1,850 times the legal level as the nuclear crisis is worsening in the quake-hit country after more than two weeks. Japan’s nuclear safety agency said on Sunday that radioactive iodine in the waters off the quake-hit site rose to 1,850 times the usual level from 1,250 … Continue reading

Stricken nuclear plant's No.3 reactor(the one that holds the much deadlier plutonium) 'may have cracked' as Fukushima Fifty workers are treated for radiation contamination. Exposed to 10,000 times the safe maximum. More than 161,000 foreigners have left Japan since earthquake and tsunami.

Thermal photos have been released that show temperature in the fuel rod pool above boiling point. With photos.

Kurt Nimmo March 22, 2011 – It looks like the Japanese and Obama will try to cover-up the out of control reactors and exposed fuel rods at Fukushima the same way the U.S. government covered-up the Gulf oil disaster. Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan has proclaimed he can see “light at the end of … Continue reading

Tokyo Electric Says Cooling Pump Started at Fukushima Plant’s No.5 Reactor

By Yuji Okada – // Mar 19, 2011   Tokyo Electric Power Co. said it restarted the residual-heat removal pump at the No. 5 reactor of its stricken Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant, one of the least damaged at the facility. The utility began cooling the pool in the reactor that contains spent fuel rods, it … Continue reading

Scientists Project Path of Japanese Radiation Plume – A United Nations forecast of the possible movement of the radioactive plume coming from crippled Japanese reactors shows it churning across the Pacific, and touching the Aleutian Islands on Thursday before hitting Southern California late Friday.

By WILLIAM J. BROAD Published: March 16, 2011   A United Nations forecast of the possible movement of the radioactive plume coming from crippled Japanese reactors shows it churning across the Pacific, and touching the Aleutian Islands on Thursday before hitting Southern California late Friday. Health and nuclear experts emphasize that radiation in the plume … Continue reading

Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plant Breaks Down, many believe another cyber attack

by David A. Fulghum 3/2/2011 Russian and Iranian officials say they are cleaning up after a water cooling pump broke down during startup of the Bushehr nuclear reactor. They attribute the failure to an old piece of German equipment. But a veteran U.S. cyberwarrior says the failure of a spinning device is a classic symptom … Continue reading

U.S. Army Modernization Enters New Phase

ARES by Paul McLeary   3/2/2011 On Feb. 3, the Pentagon’s Defense Acquisition Board cut several remaining pieces of the Army’s Future Combat Systems (FCS) modernization project, while moving the two survivors into separate program offices. While the Class 1 unmanned aerial system and tactical ground sensors are no longer part of an Army-wide modernization effort—although … Continue reading

AeroVironment has released a video of flight tests of its tiny Nano Hummingbird flapping-wing UAV, built under DARPA's Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) program

VIDEO: AeroVironment’s Nano Hummingbird Flies! by Graham Warwick 2/17/2011 AeroVironment has released a video of flight tests of its tiny Nano Hummingbird flapping-wing UAV, built under DARPA’s Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) program. As you watch the video, remember this vehicle, like a real hummingbird, is hovering, maneuvering and flying under its own power, using its … Continue reading

New rules regulate China's rare earth industry ; They're cutting exports and they control 95% of rare earth production. Big surprise. For those who don't know rare earth metals are the new Gold.

BEIJING, Feb. 17 (Xinhuanet) — The government will impose stricter mining policies and environmental standards for rare earths and set “reasonable” annual production and export quotas to further regulate the crucial sector, the State Council said on Wednesday. Rare earth metals are comprised of 17 minerals and some are used in high-tech industries ranging from … Continue reading

The Herschel Space Observatory has revealed how much dark matter it takes to form a new galaxy bursting with stars, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) announced on Wednesday.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) — The Herschel Space Observatory has revealed how much dark matter it takes to form a new galaxy bursting with stars, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) announced on Wednesday. The findings are a key step in understanding how dark matter, an invisible substance permeating our universe, contributed to the birth … Continue reading

Can the U.S. continue to dominate Space : The U.S. Department of Defense released its first-ever National Security Space Strategy (NSSS), on Feb. 4.

Can the Pentagon afford to protect its orbital interests? Will diplomacy and soft power be enough to defend space? The U.S. Department of Defense released its first-ever National Security Space Strategy (NSSS), on Feb. 4. The document “seeks to maintain and enhance the national security benefits” the United States derives from its activities and capabilities … Continue reading

"Rare Earth Elements: The Global Supply" report by the Congressional Research Service


January 23, 2011 by Veterans Today Nihilists of The World Unite: Wikileaks Is The “Cognitive Infiltration” Operation Demanded by Cass Sunstein By Webster Tarpley at Awareness is growing around the world that the Wikileaks-Julian Assange theater of the absurd is radically inauthentic – a psyop. Wikileaks and its impaired boss represent a classic form … Continue reading

One day after securing huge deal with China Boeing lays off 1,000 U.S. workers

Boeing just laid off 1000 workers in Southern California, according to the Orange County Register. The move comes just a day after Boeing agreed to a $19 billion deal with China to produce 200 airplanes for the country. The layoffs affect workers in the company’s Long Beach, Anaheim, and Huntington Beach facilities. The bulk of … Continue reading

Russia Today says secret spy hub uncovered in Israel!

Mexico to pioneer iris technology on ID cards

Breitbart Jan. 21, 2010   Mexico will on Monday become the first country to start using iris scans for identity cards, according to the government, which claims the scheme will be highly secure. “The legal, technical and financial conditions are ready to start the process of issuing this identity document,” Felipe Zamora, responsible for legal … Continue reading

With Stuxnet, Did The U.S. And Israel Create a New Cyberwar Era?

By Spencer Ackerman January 16, 2011  |1:58 pm  | Remember the years-long controversy about whether the U.S. or the Israel would bomb Iran’s nuclear program? It appears they just did — virtually. And if they did, they also may have expanded our sense of how nations wage war in cyberspace. For all the hype, “cyberwar” … Continue reading

China says it has mastered nuclear fuel reprocessing

RIA Novosti 19:23 03/01/2011 BEIJING, January 3 (RIA Novosti) – Chinese scientists have developed own technologies for reprocessing spent nuclear fuel, which could increase the country’s power supply dramatically, state television reported on Monday. “Globally, within the nuclear fuel industry, we’re one of a minority of countries that can do the nuclear fuel cycle,” Sun … Continue reading

Navy Successfully Fires 33-Megajoule Railgun Shot "the 33-megajoule shot means the Navy can fire projectiles at least 110 nautical miles…"the 33-megajoule shot could reach a Mach 5 velocity at extended distances, perhaps more than 200 nautical miles".

Navy Successfully Fires 33-Megajoule Railgun Shot Posted by Paul McLeary at 12/10/2010 3:06 PM CST In a demonstration Friday afternoon, the Office of Naval Research set a world record by conducting a 33-megajoule shot of its Electromagnetic Railgun at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. Rear Adm. Nevin Carr, chief of naval research, said that “the … Continue reading

The Space and Missile Defense Command – Operational Nanosatellite Effect, or SMDC-ONE, launched on a Falcon 9 two-stage booster it is the first U.S. Army nanosatellite, it lifted off of Launch Pad 40 at Cape Canaveral, Florida today

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (Dec. 8, 2010) — The first U.S. Army nanosatellite lifted off of Launch Pad 40 at Cape Canaveral, Fla., today at 10:43 a.m. Eastern. This is the launch of the first U.S. Army-built satellite in more than 50 years. U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command is the Army … Continue reading

Iran Says It Has Produced Its First Yellowcake Uranium

Edward Yeranian | Cairo 05 December 2010 Iran’s nuclear energy chief Ali Akbar Salehi says his country has produced its first batch of yellowcake uranium, the material used for enrichment. Salehi said the development “strengthens” Tehran’s position in the next round of nuclear talks, set to start Monday in Geneva. The announcement by Salehi on … Continue reading

IAEA sets up nuclear fuel reserve bank

UN nuclear watchdog sets up nuclear fuel reserve bank RIA Novosti 04:24 04/12/2010 MOSCOW, December 4 (RIA Novosti) – The Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Organization (IAEA) resolved to create an international bank of low-enriched uranium (LEU) to assist developing countries who run civilian nuclear programs, Xinhua said on Saturday. “The plan … Continue reading

The Air Force's Highly Classified X-37B Returns to Earth After 220 Days In Orbit

Boeing’s X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle landed autonomously at Vandenberg AFB, California, early this morning (Dec. 3) after spending more that 220 days in orbit. The US Air Force has released this slightly bizarre video of the night landing, taken in infrared The Air Force is still not saying what the X-37B did on its maiden … Continue reading

Food Safety Modernization Act Passes 73-25

The biggest U.S. food-safety overhaul in more than 70 years won Senate passage as lawmakers sought to curb food-borne illnesses that cost the nation an estimated $152 billion a year. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration would gain more power to police food companies under the bill that passed today in a 73-25 vote. The … Continue reading

Iran admits uranium enrichment centrifuges hit by malware

On Monday 29 November 2010, 22:20 SGT   President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad admitted Monday that “several” uranium enrichment centrifuges were damaged by “software installed in electronic equipment,” amid speculation Iran’s nuclear activities had come under cyberattack. “They were able to disable on a limited basis some of our centrifuges by software installed in electronic equipment,” Ahmadinejad … Continue reading

Homeland Security's X-Ray Street Scanners Target Of FOIA Request

  Paul Joseph Watson November 26, 2010 The Electronic Privacy Information Center is demanding that Big Sis spill the beans on street scanners as part of a FOIA request that seeks to unveil the truth behind Homeland Security’s hundreds of roaming backscatter devices that are now radiating Americans in their homes and vehicles at … Continue reading

Pentagon-NASA Fusion: Military Launches World's Largest Satellite

by Anter Prakash Singh -Experts believe that the secret payload is a satellite capable of listening to a variety of transmissions from around the world. Such a satellite would have giant antennas stretching up to the size of a football field. The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) released a press note saying that the Air Force … Continue reading

Pentagon Partners With NATO To Create Global Cyber Warfare System

by Rick Rozoff   U.S. Cyber Command is scheduled to be activated this month, in the words of a Reuters dispatch “ready to go to war in cyberspace” with full operational capability.   The launching of the world’s first multi-service – with the involvement of all major branches of the U.S. armed forces: Air Force, … Continue reading

Predatory Finance: The New Mode of Global Warfare

Global Research, October 12, 2010 by Michael Hudson “Coming events cast their shadows forward.” – Goethe What is to stop U.S. banks and their customers from creating $1 trillion, $10 trillion or even $50 trillion on their computer keyboards to buy up all the bonds and stocks in the world, along with all the land … Continue reading

A new proposal by a top Microsoft executive would open the door for government to require licensing for each citizen to access the Internet.

State should have power to block individual computers from connecting to world wide web, claims Charney Paul Joseph Watson Thursday, October 7, 2010 A new proposal by a top Microsoft executive would open the door for government licensing to access the Internet, with authorities being empowered to block individual computers from connecting to the world … Continue reading

New micro-robotic technology that can walk, turn , and even create tiny products of their own on a nano-scale

Meet the nano-spiders: The DNA robots that could one day be walking through your body  Daily Mail Scientists have created microscopic robots out of DNA molecules that can walk, turn and even create tiny products of their own on a nano-scale assembly line. The ground-breaking devices outlined in the journal Nature, could one day lead … Continue reading

Chinese still quiet on September 25th missile test.

  By Bill Gertz The Washington Times 8:20 p.m., Wednesday, October 6, 2010   Chinese missile test China recently conducted a long-range missile flight test that remains shrouded in secrecy. The Sept. 25 test highlights what China military specialists say is the growing threat posed by Beijing’s development of long- and short-range ballistic and cruise … Continue reading

Stuxnet worm said to be 'work of a national government agency'

Stuxnet worm is the ‘work of a national government agency’ Malware believed to be targeting Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant may have been created by Israeli hackers Josh Halliday, Friday 24 September 2010 15.35 BST A computer worm which targets industrial and factory systems is almost certainly the work of a national government agency, … Continue reading

Stuxnet Malware : a cyber weapon created to cross from the digital realm to the physical world

“Stuxnet malware is ‘weapon’ out to destroy … Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant?” By Mark Clayton – Tue Sep 21, 3:08 pm ET Cyber security experts say they have identified the world’s first known cyber super weapon designed specifically to destroy a real-world target – a factory, a refinery, or just maybe a nuclear power plant. The cyber worm, called … Continue reading

Homeland Security Begins Testing Advanced Iris Scanners Capable Of Identifying A Person Who Walks Within Six Feet Of Scanner

  By Thomas Frank, USA TODAY 09/15/2010 WASHINGTON — The Homeland Security Department plans to test futuristic iris scan technology that stores digital images of people’s eyes in a database and is considered a quicker alternative to fingerprints.The department will run a two-week test in October of commercially sold iris scanners at a Border Patrol … Continue reading

Darpa’s Star Hacker Looks to WikiLeak-Proof Pentagon

Darpa’s Star Hacker Looks to WikiLeak-Proof Pentagon By Spencer Ackerman August 31, 2010  |  3:29 pm  |  Tomorrow’s WikiLeakers may have to be sneakier than just dumping military docs onto a Lady Gaga disc. The futurists at Darpa are working on a project that would make it harder for troops to funnel classified material to … Continue reading

Lockheed Engineer Confirms They Are Still In The Airship Market With The P-791 Hybrid Air Vehicle; A video posted last week by Lockheed of the p791 is attached to the article.

By Stephen Trimble  on August 31, 2010 6:08 PM – Lockheed Martin has not given up on hybrid airships despite losing a half-billion dollar order two months ago. The surprisingly detailed marketing video above appeared on  Lockheed’s YouTube channel last week for the first time. After the Northrop Grumman/Hybrid Air Vehicles team captured the … Continue reading

China’s Secret Satellite Rendezvous In Space, Military Analysts Say It Is ‘Suggestive of a Military Program’

China’s Secret Satellite Rendezvous ‘Suggestive of a Military Program’ By Katie Drummond August 31, 2010  |  Earlier this month, two Chinese satellites met up in orbit. Depending on who you believe, it’s either a sign of China’s increasingly-sophisticated space program — or a sign of its increasingly-sophisticated space warfare program. A well-regarded Russian space watcher … Continue reading

Canada Opens Arctic To NATO, Plan For Massive Weapons Buildup Underway

by Rick Rozoff The government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently concluded the largest of a series of so-called Canadian sovereignty exercises in the Arctic, Operation Nanook, which ran from August 6-26. Harper, Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay and Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces General Walter Natynczyk visited the nation’s … Continue reading

Lockheed's Advanced Extreme High Frequency Satellite To Reach Intermediate Orbit Within Weeks After One Of Two Propulsion Systems Fails

AEHF To Reach Intermediate Orbit In Weeks Aug 30, 2010 By Amy Butler  Over the next few weeks, the U.S. Air Force plans to use one of two thruster systems still functioning on a protected military communications satellite built by Lockheed Martin to reach an intermediate orbit after failure of a liquid apogee engine on … Continue reading

Boeing's Phantom Works offered a first glimpse of their latest UAV "Phantom Eye" last month, the hydrogen-powered unmanned demonstrator built to stay aloft at 65,000ft (19,800m) for up to four days at a time.

  Boeing‘s Phantom Works offered a first glimpse of Phantom Eye, the hydrogen-powered unmanned demonstrator built to stay aloft at 65,000ft (19,800m) for up to four days at a time, on 12 July in St. Louis, Missouri. In September, Phantom Eye will move to NASA‘s Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards AFB, California, to begin … Continue reading

Unreleased Homeland Security memo teaches law enforcement to identify right wing extremism .pdf; As we would expect, very broad and very vague. Eludes to the future firearm confiscation.

Janet Napolitano

The Latest Intel On China's J-10 Fighters

Chengdu J-10 Technical Report APA-TR-2007-0107 by Dr Carlo Kopp, SMAIAA, MIEEE, PEng January, 2007 Updated August 2009 Updated August 2010 Text © 2007 – 2010 Carlo Kopp Line Artwork © 2007 Carlo Kopp Chengdu J-10A and J-10S Canard fighters of the 132nd Fighter Regiment of the 44th Air Division, based at Luliang AB, Yunnan. Both … Continue reading

Asymmetrical Drone Wars

An Asymmetrical Drone War Geopolitical Monitor Paul Rogers – Aug 23, 2010 Summary The United States and Israel see the next generation of armed drones as a potent reinforcement of their military capacity against insurgents and rogue states. But Iran and Hizbollah too are in the race.   An upsurge in paramilitary violence highlights … Continue reading

3 arrested in Moldova on suspicion of trying to sell 4 pounds of Unanium-238

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — Two former policemen and another person were arrested in Moldova on suspicion of trying to sell four pounds (nearly two kilograms) of uranium on the black market, authorities said Wednesday, although the amount was too small to be used in a nuclear warhead or a “dirty bomb.”  Officials identified the material … Continue reading