Qaddafi forces close in on control of Ajdabiya. Rebels have taken very heavy mortar fire there for the past week. Ajdabiya is the last roadblock before Qaddafi forces get to the rebels' stronghold of Benghazi 90 miles to the North. If Ajdabiya falls the oil port of Brega falls with it.

By Michael Georgy AJDABIYAH, Libya | Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:30am EDT AJDABIYAH, Libya (Reuters) – Muammar Gaddafi’s artillery heavily bombarded Ajdabiyah and his forces forced their way inside on Sunday in their most determined assault on the strategic eastern town for at least a week. Rebels cowered in alleyways from sustained artillery, rocket and … Continue reading

Ivory Coast Ouattara fighters have Gbagbo surrounded in his bunker. Generals are said to be defecting. Ouattara is still seeking control of Abidjan as well.

 ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: April 5, 2011   ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast (AP) — Surrounded by troops backing Ivory Coast’s democratically elected leader, strongman Laurent Gbagbo huddled in a bunker at his home with his family Tuesday and tried to negotiate terms of surrender, officials said. Forces loyal to Alassane Ouattara have seized the presidential residence where … Continue reading

Libyan rebels to sell their first oil this week. Reuters reports that the Libyan rebel alliance already has its own central bank and money printing machines.

And so the real goal of the Libyan “No Fly Zone” succeeds: Reuters reports that the Libyan rebel alliance, which already has its own central bank and supposedly fiat printing machines, is about to sell its first oil cargo in the coming week.”The agency said Liberian-registered tanker Equator was due to arrive in the rebel-held … Continue reading

I love it when CNN is forced to go off script. A guest former CIA officer Michael Scheurer exposes our involvement in Libya for what it is. Includes video.

     The American Dream April 4, 2011 Every once in a while, establishment control of the mainstream media cracks for a moment.  In an effort to achieve higher ratings, mainstream news programs will invite guests on that promise to be “interesting”, but then they will say something that is not part of the script … Continue reading

NATO's Role In Libya

by Rick Rozoff On the morning of March 31 the North Atlantic Treaty Organization assumed full command of military operations against Libya, effecting the transfer of air, naval and preliminary ground operations from U.S. Africa Command’s Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn to NATO’s Operation Unified Protector. In NATO’s words, “The Alliance has the assets in … Continue reading

French fighter jets have shot down at least five Libyan Galeb planes and two Mi-35 combat helicopters in the past two hours, the country's defense ministry reported on Saturday. Most around Misrata and Zintan.

RIA Novosti  03/26/2011 MOSCOW, March 26 (RIA Novosti) – French fighters jets shot down at least five Libyan Galeb planes and two Mi-35 combat helicopters in the past two hours, the country’s defense ministry reported on Saturday. “During their missions, French warplanes launched several airstrikes in the regions of Zintan and Misrata,” the ministry reported … Continue reading

War on Libya and Control of The Mediterranean

by Rick Rozoff Stop NATO March 25, 2011   Libya is also one of only five of Africa’s 54 countries that have not been integrated into, which is to say subordinated to, the new U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM). A year after assuming the post of president of the French Republic in 2007, and while his … Continue reading

Who provided Libya Russian made SA-24 anti-aircraft missiles?

by David A. Fulghum at 3/23/2011     A new, much-dreaded, short-range anti-aircraft missile made in Russia has turned up in the hands of Libyan government forces. The Russian-made SA-24 Grinch can shoot down coalition aircraft effectively at altitudes up to about 11,000 ft. That would not affect most combat patrols, which are being flown … Continue reading

Latest from Libya, 6 rebels who welcomed downed pilot and gave him juice shot by U.S. rescue forces

The Attack On Libya Renews Debate Over Congressional Consent

By CHARLIE SAVAGE NYT Published: March 21, 2011   WASHINGTON — President Obama is facing criticism that crosses the political divide for not seeking Congressional authorization before ordering the American military to join in attacks of Libyan air defenses and government forces. Some Democratic lawmakers — including Representatives Jerrold Nadler of New York, Barbara Lee … Continue reading

Libya: The role of US Africa Command(AFRICOM) and Russias take on NATO's 4th war in 12 years

  Stop NATO March 20, 2011 Following similar developments in neighboring Tunisia and Egypt, anti-government protests began in Libya on February 15. On March 19 the U.S., France and Britain delivered air and cruise missile attacks against targets in Libya: 112 Tomahawk missile strikes from U.S. and British submarines and warships in the Mediterranean Sea … Continue reading

Details on the Libyan Air Defense System and Surface to Air Missile (SAM) Network

INTRODUCTION Libya possesses one of the most robust air defense networks on the African continent, falling second only to Egypt in terms of coverage and operational systems. Libyan strategic SAM assets are primarily arrayed along the coastline, ostensibly defending the bulk of the Libyan population and preventing foreign incursion into Libyan airspace. THE STRATEGIC SAM … Continue reading

U.S. pounds Libyan air defenses, assessing damage today. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen says there are conditions in which Gadhafi may stay in power

By LOLITA C. BALDOR Associated Press WASHINGTON — The U.S.-led international military assault on Libya could achieve its stated goals without forcing Moammar Gadhafi from power, the top U.S. military officer said Sunday as the bombing campaign continued. After a barrage of attacks by sea-launched Tomahawk cruise missiles Saturday, an array of U.S. warplanes – … Continue reading

NATO assets in or on the way to Libyan theatre, via AP

Assets massing for Libya military action (AP) – 1 day ago Here’s a look at some of the international military assets in or heading to the region to help enforce the U.N.-sanctioned no-fly zone over Libya: France: —Deployed eight Rafale and four Mirage jets to survey rebel-held Benghazi; one fired on a Libyan military vehicle … Continue reading

Navy Vice Admiral Wlliam E. Gortney briefs reporters on Operation Odyssey Dawn, video and article

by SWJ Editors   March 20, 2011   Via Armed Forces Press Service: Navy Vice Adm. Wlliam E. Gortney, director of the Joint Staff, briefed reporters at the Pentagon on the launch of “Operation Odyssey Dawn.” “The goals of these initial operations are essentially twofold: first, to prevent further attacks by regime forces on Libyan citizens … Continue reading

U.S. military: Operation Odyssey Dawn has begun; French warplane downed; U.S. and U.K ships fire 122 plus cruise missiles from ships in the mediterranean. Russia Deplores Foreign Military Action In Libya; Articles can be found at link provided.

Operation Odyssey Dawn: U.S. Leads Onslaught Against Libya Libya: French Warplane Downed, Civilians Killed U.S. Fires Over 100 Cruise Missiles: West Bombs Civilian Targets, Oil Depots In Libya Venezuela Calls For End To Western Attack On Libya NATO’s First African War French Warplanes Begin Libyan War, Aircraft Carrier On Way U.S. Launches Cruise Missile Attacks … Continue reading

U.S. and European nations began bombing Moammar Gadhafi's forces and air defenses with cruise missiles and airstrikes Saturday, launching the broadest international military effort since the Iraq war.

By RYAN LUCAS and HADEEL AL-SHALCHI, Associated Press – BE NGHAZI, Libya – The U.S. and European nations pounded Moammar Gadhafi’s forces and air defenses with cruise missiles and airstrikes Saturday, launching the broadest international military effort since the Iraq war in support of an uprising that had seemed on the verge of defeat. The … Continue reading

Report: Libya agrees to free New York Times journalists.

By CHRIS HAWLEY Associated Press   NEW YORK (AP) — Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi have said they will release four New York Times journalists who were captured during fighting in the eastern part of the country, the newspaper said Friday.The four planned to drive to the Egyptian border and fly out of … Continue reading

French jets begin No-Fly patrols over Libya. Daring Qaddafi to shoot one down. Pro-Qaddafi forces have entered parts of Benghazi, Al Arabiya TV reported. Forces advancing included tanks, it said, adding that 11 fighters loyal to Qaddafi were killed. A BBC correspondent reported seeing government tanks on a bridge. The rebels said they shot down one of their own fighter jets.

that By Helene Fouquet and Leon Mangasarian 19 March 2011 (Updates with Paris meeting starting in seventh paragraph. For more on the Middle East turmoil, see EXTRA and MET.) March 19 (Bloomberg) — French military jets flew over Libya, ready to enforce an air-exclusion zone to halt Muammar Qaddafi’s attacks on rebels, as Western leaders … Continue reading

Libya's rebel stronghold of Benghazi came under attack on Saturday morning, with at least two air strikes and sustained shelling of the city's south sending thick smoke into the sky.

Shelling, air strikes on Libyan rebels in Benghazi (AFP) – 9 hours ago BENGHAZI, Libya — Libya’s rebel stronghold of Benghazi came under attack on Saturday morning, with at least two air strikes and sustained shelling of the city’s south sending thick smoke into the sky. Multiple explosions could be heard from the centre of … Continue reading

U.N. Security Council gets the votes, no fly zone has been ordered over Libya. U.N. Resolution 1970 is also to allow "all necessary measures" to be taken "to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack in (Libya), including Benghazi, while excluding an occupation force".

  Thu Mar 17, 2011   The United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution ordering a no-fly zone over Libya, while suspending the country from the Human Rights Council. Resolution 1970 authorizes a no-fly zone over Libya and to allow “all necessary measures” to be taken “to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under … Continue reading

David Cameron last night gave British backing to calls for air strikes against Colonel Gaddafi. England's Cameron and France's Sarkozy have submitted a joint letter to NATO requesting a no fly zone and bombing campaign.

By Tim Shipman  11th March 2011 Markets plunge after crackdown in Saudi city David Cameron last night gave British backing to calls for air strikes against Colonel Gaddafi. He joined forces with Nicolas Sarkozy after the French president demanded immediate action to tackle the dictator, amid signs the international community is fiddling while Libya burns. … Continue reading

Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi have carried out air strikes on the outskirts of a rebel-held eastern town, continuing a counter-offensive against anti-government protesters trying to topple the government.

VOA News March 07, 2011 Witnesses say Libyan warplanes struck positions around the oil port of Ras Lanuf on Monday. There were no reports of casualties. Earlier, residents were seen leaving the town, fearing an attack by pro-Gadhafi forces after deadly assaults Sunday on other rebel-held cities. News agencies said people also were clearing out … Continue reading

The US Senate has unanimously passed a resolution calling for a no-fly zone over Libya as Washington is preparing the ground for military intervention in the oil-rich country.

Wed Mar 2, 2011 The symbolic resolution, passed on Tuesday, “urges the United Nations Security Council to take such further action as may be necessary to protect civilians in Libya from attack, including the possible imposition of a no-fly zone over Libyan territory.” It also calls on embattled Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi “to desist from … Continue reading

US Special Forces have reportedly landed in Libya to train anti-Gaddafi rebels as a western-backed coup d’état in the oil-rich nation nears, with British and French “defense advisors” also arriving to set up training bases in the rebel-controlled eastern region of the country.

US Special Forces have reportedly landed in Libya to train anti-Gaddafi rebels as a western-backed coup d’état in the oil-rich nation nears, with British and French “defense advisors” also arriving to set up training bases in the rebel-controlled eastern region of the country. According to a report in the Pakistan Observer, hundreds of special forces … Continue reading

U.S. CentCom Commander Marine General James Mattis warns no-fly zone could lead to all-out war in Libya as British PM David Cameron sounds retreat on military action

By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 11:38 PM on 1st March 2011 Imposing a no-fly zone on Libya could lead to an all-out war, a senior U.S. military figure warned today. American and Britain are discussing closing the skies above the crisis-torn country to prevent Moammar Gaddaffi carrying out air strikes on opposition forces. … Continue reading

World scrambles to get citizens out of Libya

By SUZAN FRASER and THANASSIS STAVRAKIS Associated Press IRAKLIO, Crete — Two ferries carrying 4,500 Chinese workers from strife-torn Libya arrived at the Mediterranean island of Crete on Thursday, despite rough seas that left hundreds of Americans stranded on a docked ferry in Tripoli. Passengers smiled and waved from the decks of the Greek-flagged Hellenic … Continue reading

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi ordered to stand trial on underage prostitution charge

February 15, 2011     By Jeffrey Donovan and Sonia Sirletti (Updates with quotes in fourth, sixth and eighth paragraphs.) Feb. 15 (Bloomberg) — Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was ordered to stand trial on charges of abuse of power and paying a minor for sex, fueling calls for his resignation amid a deepening clash … Continue reading

IMF calls for alternative to the Dollar on Thursday

By Ben Rooney February 10, 2011   NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The International Monetary Fund issued a report Thursday on a possible replacement for the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The IMF said Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, could help stabilize the global financial system. SDRs represent potential claims on the currencies of IMF … Continue reading

Georgian intelligence service head advances skills in United States

Georgia,Tbilisi Feb.2 Trend N. Kirtskhalia / Georgian intelligence service head Gela Bezhuashvili has temporarily left his post, Georgian Presidential Spokesperson Manana Manjgaladze said at a briefing. According to her, in six months, Bezhuashvili will return from the United States and again hold his post. “Bezhuashvili left for the United States to advance his skills, which … Continue reading

Britain an Incipient Fascist State

by Derek Martin Global Research, February 2, 2011 I was born in 1929. Despite the prevailing poverty of the 1930’s, followed by the horrors of the Second World War, there was a general spirit of optimism generated by the radical thinking of H. G. Wells, Bernard Shaw, and a host of left wing thinkers associated … Continue reading

Overdose Documentary from GrTV

Overdose – The Next Financial Crisis

Witnesses finally getting witness protection in Kosovo organ trade cases… Now how about the sex trade.

Global Research, February 1, 2011 SERBIANNA.COM   January 31, 2011   EU is in talks with its law and order mission in Kosovo, the EULEX, and is actively negotiating ways to safeguard protection of witnesses says spokeswoman for EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Catherine Ashton. “Contacts are under way. Marty seeks guarantees … Continue reading

Russian President Medvedev: more nuclear missiles deployed around Europe if no deal with NATO

RIA Novosti 19:15 24/01/2011 GORKI, January 24 (RIA Novosti) – Russia is expecting a reply from NATO to its proposals on building a European missile defense system, and will have to deploy a nuclear missile grouping if no agreement is reached, President Dmitry Medvedev said Monday. “Our partners should realize that we need this not … Continue reading

Ria Novosti: Russian missiles must penetrate any defenses — parliament

Moscow: Russia must quickly modernize its nuclear deterrent focusing on the deployment of ballistic missiles capable of penetrating the most sophisticated missile defenses, a draft supplementary statement to the new START treaty ratification document says. The lower house of the Russian parliament, the State Duma, posted on its official website on Friday the texts of … Continue reading

The Doomsday Project, Deep Events, and the Shrinking of American Democracy

by Peter Dale Scott Global Research, January 22, 2011 Asia-Pacific Journal Vol 9, Issue 4 No 2, January 24, 2011.       I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency [the National Security Agency] and all agencies that possess this … Continue reading

Forget about China’s missiles and stealth fighter; worry instead about ‘non-kinetic’ combat

by Robert Haddick on January 19, 2011 What’s got the focus of U.S. naval intelligence? Although the first test flight of China’s new J-20 fifth-generation stealth fighter made the news last week, and PACOM commander Admiral Robert Willard recently declared that China’s DF-21D medium-range anti-ship ballistic missile has now achieved “initial operational capability,” those developments … Continue reading

Financial Chaos and Debt Default in the European Union

  by Bob Chapman // // // // Global Research, January 19, 2011 Between now and the end of the year, most likely in the fall, we’ll see major financial and economic problems in Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and Italy. Those events will sorely test Germany, France, Holland and Austria. Over and over we … Continue reading

On Jan. 14 Paris prosecutor Jean-Claude Marin began an inquiry into allegations of commercial Chinese espionage carried out against French carmaker Renault. Good article from Stratfor.

By Sean Noonan Paris prosecutor Jean-Claude Marin on Jan. 14 began an inquiry into allegations of commercial espionage carried out against French carmaker Renault. The allegations first became public when Renault suspended three of its employees on Jan. 3 after an internal investigation that began in August 2010. Within days, citing an anonymous French government … Continue reading

The Fed’s QE2 Traders, Buying Bonds by the Billions

By GRAHAM BOWLEY Published: January 10, 2011     Deep inside the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the $600 billion man is fast at work. In a spare, government-issue office in Lower Manhattan, behind a bank of cubicles and a scruffy copy machine, Josh Frost and a band of market specialists are making the … Continue reading

Japan Will Buy Euro-Region Bonds, Joining China in Assisting Irish Bailout

By Toru Fujioka and Aki Ito – Jan 11, 2011   Japan plans to buy bonds issued by Europe’s financial-aid funds, its finance minister said, joining China in assisting the region as it battles against a debt crisis that prompted bailouts of Ireland and Greece. “There is a plan for the euro zone to jointly … Continue reading

Europe fears motives of the Chinese push to buy euro-zone debt

“Europe fears motives of Chinese super-creditor” The EU authorities fear that China’s purpose in buying eurozone debt may be double-edged, intended to push up the euro exchange rate against the yuan and gain advantage for exports. China has pledged to use part of its £1.82 trillion reserves to safeguard global stability Photo: EPA By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard … Continue reading

The Spectre Haunting Europe: Debt Defaults, Austerity, and the Death of the “Social Europe” Model

by Prof Michael Hudson and Prof. Jeffrey Sommers Global Research, January 18, 2011 Email this article to a friend Print this article 0diggsdigg 4Share A spectre is haunting Europe: the illusion that Latvia’s financial and fiscal austerity is a model for other countries to emulate. Bankers and the financial press are asking governments from Greece … Continue reading

Corrupt Italian PM Sylvio Berlusconi now accused of underage sex and related abuse of power

Big News     Saturday 15th January, 2011 After narrowly avoiding a vote of no confidence in parliament, the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is now being investigated for an alleged sexual encounter with an underage prostitute and subsequent cover up. The Italian Prime Minister has long maintained his playboy image and has made no secret of … Continue reading

Ex-Swiss banker publicly hands account files to WikiLeaks' Assange regarding corrupt banking practices

The Associated Press January 17, 2011, 6:29AM ET LONDON A former Swiss banker was on Monday due to hand over files to WikiLeaks which he alleges detail attempts by wealthy business leaders and lawmakers to evade tax payments. Rudolf Elmer, a former employee of Swiss-based Bank Julius Baer, told Britain’s Observer newspaper on Sunday that … Continue reading

China Denies Involvement in Renault Corporate Espionage Scandal

  Lisa Bryant | Paris 11 January 2011 China has denied involvement in industrial spying allegations swirling around French carmaker Renault. Three Renault executives have been suspended and the affair may damage French-Chinese ties. A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said suggestions implicating China in alleged corporate espionage involving France’s Renault carmaker were groundless, irresponsible and … Continue reading

European nations begin seizing private pensions

By Jan Iwanik January 2, 2011 People’s retirement savings are a convenient source of revenue for governments that don’t want to reduce spending or make privatizations. As most pension schemes in Europe are organised by the state, European ministers of finance have a facilitated access to the savings accumulated there, and it is only logical … Continue reading

Leaked Cables Show US-German Spy Satellite Program

VOA News 03 January 2011 Leaked U.S. diplomatic cables show that the United States and Germany allegedly are developing together a spy satellite system despite strong opposition from countries such as France. The Norwegian daily Aftenposten published the information Monday after the newspaper obtained full access to the website WikiLeaks’ cache of some 250,000 U.S. … Continue reading

Food safety bill invokes Codex harmonization; devastating to all small farms and food coops.

Mike Adams NaturalNews December 29, 2010 Of all the talk about S.510, virtually no one has actually read the language in the bill — especially not those lawmakers who voted for it. The more you read from this bill, the more surreal it all becomes. For example, did you know there’s a global FDA power … Continue reading

I've been refreshing my memory on the Law of the Sea Treaty, this may just be the last piece of legislation the international bankers are seeking before they hold us accountable for our debts. Part XI is a good place to begin reading. The link is attached.