Will the U.S. Permit Eminent Domain by Foreign Corporations?


January 18, 2011

The story of Sue Kelso appears to be another case similar to Sue Kelo, the famous woman who took a stand for the Constitution and lost a landmark decision which has forever altered private property rights in the United States of America. The question in this case with Sue Kelso however is unique as it is a foreign corporation which operates inside the U.S. seeking the right of eminent domain against a private American citizen to seize the right of way for the TransCanada’s pipeline from the oil sands region to the Gulf region of the U.S. The story came to my attention in the The Globe and Mail story from Canada published on January 17th by Shawn Mccarthy titled Oklahoma Landowners challenge TransCanada’s Keystone Pipeline.

Sue Kelso argues that there is no economic benefit to her or the community by allowing the pipeline to cut across her 180 acre farm and that a foreign corporation does not have the right to exercise eminent domain against private American citizens. This particular story bears watching because a ruling which allows a foreign corporation to seize private property from citizens would be tantamount to giving the Chinese the keys to every American family farm to seize the properties to help pay back the debts owed. Thus I warn everyone in the path of this pipeline from Nebraska to Oklahoma and further south to take a stand and fight this effort to expropriate land using un-Constitutional means. Sadly, I think the United States Supreme Court would remain consistent with the other case and the other Sue, as they did in Kelo v. New London, surrendering individual freedoms for the greater good of the state.


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