Lebanon's army says 14 Israeli war planes have breached the country's airspace in violation of United Nations Security Council resolution


An army statement said on Thursday that the Israeli aircraft entered Lebanon’s airspace over the country’s southern border. This is the third incursion since the beginning of the week.

On Tuesday, two Israeli warplanes crossed into Lebanese airspace over the southern border town of Alma al-Shaab and conducted several sorties in the area, according to a statement released by the Lebanese military.

It also said that the previous day, two Israeli aircraft, since early hours of the morning, flew at a medium altitude over Bekaa and Keserwan in eastern and northeastern Lebanon.

Lebanon’s military often reports airspace violations by Israeli warplanes but does not usually open fire on them.

Despite the very minimal demands laid upon Israel under UN resolution 1701, Israel has been constantly violating the terms of the ceasefire agreement that brought to an end the 33-day Israel’s war against Lebanon in 2006.

The Resolution also calls on the Tel Aviv regime to respect Lebanon’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, which it does not heed to. Its warplanes violate the Lebanese airspace almost on a daily basis.

In 2009, Beirut complained to the United Nations over repeated violation of its airspace by Israeli fighter jets.


2 Responses to “Lebanon's army says 14 Israeli war planes have breached the country's airspace in violation of United Nations Security Council resolution”
  1. EricX says:

    …and the HUNDREDS of rockets launched at Israeli civilians this year were somehow NOT violations of UNSC Resolutions?
    Tell me what YOU would do if your neighbor… no, a “guest” of your neighbor constantly takes shots at your children on a seemingly weekly basis… what would YOU DO???
    You would be lucky the IAF doesn’t bomb the hell out of you every time some Hizbullah rocket is launched at innocent civilians!
    Quit supporting terrorists with your “reporting”

    • J says:

      Mossad was used by the Rothschild family to bring down the twin towers in New York. There are terrorists on either side of all wars. I try to report without bias. Thanks for the comment.


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