J-20 Completes First Flight, with pictures and video

Posted by Robert Wall at 1/11/2011 1:23 AM CST

China’s new fighter, the stealthy J-20 has now completed its first flight after several weeks of preparations.

Here are the initial pictures from Chinese sites:

blog post photo

blog post photoblog post photo 

Still no word on how long the flight at Chenghdu lasted. It looks like the landing gear remained extended throughout the flight and that it may have been a rather modest outing, but we may get more data on that later. A J-10 served as the escort.

There will be much read into the fact the event happened while U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates was visiting China, but the event’s timing may have more to do with weather aligning properly than geopolitics. Still, there is some interesting imagery to it, even if by happenstance.

Rather than rehash all we’ve already said here on Ares, let me refer you to some of Dave Fulghum’s and Bill Sweetman’s earlier work on background on the J-20:

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How Not To Think About The J-20

Party Down at Chengdu

China’s Stealth Striker

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3 Responses to “J-20 Completes First Flight, with pictures and video”
  1. walterwillis says:

    Hello Justin,

    In your lifetime, but probably not mine, the Chinese military will approach the US in technical capacity. Still, I do not see them as a belligerent nation unless a cultural transformation takes place. It is entirely possible, though, that a belligerent minority takes power over there, and with the entrenched centralization of power that could become sticky. I forget if we have ever talked of the threat from China. My perspective is that they are largely content to just sell us things, but that they do resent not being treated as equals. Taiwan is a different story.

    Hope all is well with you. I enjoy your posts and look forward to continuing to receive them. I will be starting a blog soon and I will link to you.

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