Pentagon Struck by Bullets in Early Morning Shooting; No Injuries Reported


By Tony Capaccio – Oct 19, 2010 11:21 AM CT


The Pentagon’s main building was struck by several bullets probably from a high-powered rifle about 5 a.m. Washington time today and officials are looking for the shooter, Defense Department officials said.

Pentagon police heard five to seven rounds in the south parking lot area, prompting officials to shut down the building for about 40 minutes, said Colonel David Lapan, a department spokesman.

“There was some minor damage to the exterior of the building but no penetration,” Lapan said. He said he doesn’t know how many bullets hit the building.

Steve Calvery, the head of the Pentagon’s security force, said at a later press conference that two windows “were shattered but they were not penetrated” and investigators are reviewing surveillance tapes for clues. The incident is considered a “random event,” he said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, local police and the federal Joint Terrorism Task Force are cooperating with the Defense Department in the investigation at the Pentagon, which is located in Virginia, just outside of Washington.


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