Israeli warplanes fire on multiple sites in the central Gaza Strip early Thursday 10/7.

 07/10/2010 19:28
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli warplanes fired on multiple sites in the central Gaza Strip early Thursday, witnesses said, with medics confirming five injured during the strikes.

Warplanes targeted what the Israeli military identified as security installations in northern and western Gaza City as well as a residential area in western Gaza.

Sources in Gaza said two militant training grounds were targeted, as well as Hamas government security buildings.

According to the Israeli military the targets were “two terror targets in the northern Gaza Strip.”

Smoke was seen rising over the city as ambulances rushed to the bomb sites. Our correspondent described a scene of panic and fear among residents in the vicinity of the blasts.

A Health Ministry spokesman said there were no civilian casualties.

An Israeli military statement said the strike came ” in response to the rocket that was fired from the Gaza Strip and landed in Eshkol Regional Council,” earlier in the day. No armed group in Gaza claimed the launch.

The homemade projectile landed in the western Negev causing no injuries or damage.


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