British Petroleum VP Kent Wells Gives Technical Report Of "Top Kill" Operation- Video

2 Responses to “British Petroleum VP Kent Wells Gives Technical Report Of "Top Kill" Operation- Video”
  1. Mellal says:

    we can use pipe with specific design as pyramid circle that mean big base contact the ground and in the top regular pipe 20″ or 40″ and we can ad 4 support cross the pyramid to get more stability on ground , this 4 support or pivot they can have form as inverse L so we divide the vector force be decomposed on two way on the ground and on the pyramid.
    also we can use another system for example ( Threading a flange outside )

  2. alan rosen says:

    i know nothing about physics, but i do know that to try to stop something from moving, mud and cement will
    not work because it is not in a soild state as yet and the force of the oil will keep everything from setting up. i do not know if my idea has any merit, but at least read it. first, fabricate a cone (with the point facing into the hole) build a solid ball on top of the cone (just like an ice cream cone) – with a center “hole” for eventually siphoning off the oil. around the ball there would be an inside and outside seal to sit directly over and into the pipeline.the weight of the cone and ball would have to be determinedt by the force and amount of the oil coming out of the hole. again i do not know physics or much about math, but i am sure that there is an equation to find the force of the oil escaping the hole. i have been thinking of a remedy since this entire fiasco happened. i hope we have all learned that before we begin something as complicated and dangerous as oil exploration in the ocean that we also think about the worst possible scenario that could happen. i am an old boy scout – remember its motto, BE PREPARED.

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