Poem – "What If You Knew?"

What if you knew?

What if that which you knew to
be true was a lie in the making
before you came through?

Would you for certain convey
that which you knew?

How I envy you, those who know
truth with all others in view.

Truth was your possession
before you were new.

Oh but how we enabled you,
through you attaining all things new.

Neglecting to ask what became
of those few.

As long as it’s new.

What if you knew?

What if it were up to you to
reclaim what you knew to be true?

If we only had their view.

Those few could be like us too,
sharing in the enjoyment of what’s new.

I must, I must convey what’s true.

I care not what you would do,
for you neglected the few to
attain what’s new.

I guess it’s up to me and a few,
we’ll invert their view.

Returning what’s true to me and you.

What will you all do when things are new?

You’ll hope the few forgive all of you.


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