First Day of War Games Success in Iran, USA Monitoring the Naval Exercises


There where more than 300 speedboats carrying rockets and missiles took part in Thursday’s exercises, demonstrating their ability to destroy enemy targets on land, a success.

Iran’s naval forces also displayed a new remote-controlled boat. Military officials said the vessel travels so fast it is able to avoid detection by radar. The war games are taking place in the Strait of Hormuz, which is crucial to the transport of world oil supplies.
A US Defense Department said USA officials are monitoring the naval exercises. A US based military analyst told that the military exercises are part of a routine show of force by Iran.
INDRA is bi-annual naval exercise between India and Russia. This exercise was started in 2003. The exercise was part of an Overseas Deployment (OSD) to the South East and East Asian regions.The exercise, primarily aimed at enhancing mutually beneficial cooperative engagement between the navies of the two countries, was christened INDRA. This was derived from the country names viz. India and Russia.

INDRA exercise includes surface live ammunition firing, air defense and anti-submarine warfare maneuvers. The naval units will also practice operations related to maintaining maritime order and countering piracy, terrorism, and drug smuggling.


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